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Media and Collaborations

Julia Szpor has had the chance to collaborate and guest star on a number of exciting podcasts! If you like Being Better, perhaps check out some of these equally interesting podcasts below!


Creating eco-minimalist, non-toxic homes (without the extra work).

Stephanie Seferian believes that minimalism, eco-friendliness, and non-toxic living are intrinsically intertwined. She's here to explore the topics of conscious consumerism, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly parenting practices with like-minded women; she's here, too, to show you how to curate eco-friendly, decluttered homes (without the extra work). 


Speak Environment is a podcast hosted by Cierra Dawson, an undergraduate Environmental Sciences student at Oregon State University. The podcast explores a variety of environmental topics ranging from interviews with environmental students and professionals to conversations on environmental policy and disasters, the SE Podcast is for you if you like learning about All Things Environment.

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